Why Now Is The Time For Your Brand To Adopt Podcasting

You may not have noticed* but podcasting is blowing up. Big time.

* Like if you’ve been living under a rock or something…

What was a few short years ago the sole territory of radio nerds and forward thinking content creators hiding out in their basements recording episodes, has transformed into a medium that’s attracting big money, talent, advertisers, and brands.

There’s no surprise why. Those of us in the podcasting community have long known the stats* that podcast listeners in the US are more affluent, more educated, and more engaged with the brands they follow than the average of the American population as a whole.

* Find the Full report here and see for yourself.

But now for the surprise.

Only 8% of brands and marketers are currently using podcasting as a method of content creation and promotion. Yes, 8%.

What’s more, 60% of marketers have ZERO intention of ever getting into podcasting.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds to me like there’s an opportunity to make an impact here in a less crowded, but highly engaged, intelligent, and wealthy market. Sounds like the people you want to reach with your brand right?*

* If not, I might suggest rethinking your target audience…

Video, and live video in particular, seems to have established itself as the future of marketing, and I get it. Video is flashy and sexy and immersive and flexible and takes a ton of work to produce and is super expensive and… Ok sorry for the jab there video peeps. I love video, I honestly do! But I also know that it’s just beyond my capability to do well myself, and beyond my budget to have someone else do it well for me on a recurring basis.

Oh and one more thing. Comparing video with podcasting is comparing apples and oranges. They excel in different areas, serve different purposes, offer a vastly different consumer experience, and are generally used to achieve different outcomes.


Read the full article HERE.


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