“Podcasts’ popularity is growing, which is why businesses are choosing them as their go-to in audio advertising. Read up on the diverse formats and their individual strengths.”

Advertisers and brands constantly need to seek new and innovative ways to reach audiences if they are to hold their own against competitors. In the current market, more and more businesses are looking to audio as a tool to reach their consumers’ subconscious – why? Because it’s economic, creative and subtle in its approach.

With the consistent growth of podcasts’ popularity over recent years, the increase in their appeal as a marketing tool has gone hand in hand. In 2016, Bridge Ratings predicted that as marketers gain more belief in the medium, spend will increase year-on-year by 25% until 2020.

Likewise, Advertising Age, predicts that advertisers will push for their content marketing strategies to produce audience-oriented content which aligns with their brand’s purpose and values. This information points to one conclusion, the integration of audio and podcasts in communications and marketing strategies.

As a marketer, there are a few key options available within the audio market and you can make the decision on what works best for you and your business from a range of factors such as cost or simply which style of advertising you like the most.

Read the entire article over at VOXNEST.


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